Pilot shoot for DisneyXD

After several discussions with Jesse Shamata about what the show was and what it wasn’t it was great to finally start filming. It was nice to be able to leave cables, cameras and lights in the frame because the kids filming their “show” justified the gear – which also acted as production design elements.

“In My Parents Garage” is the working title but I believe that finding a name will be part of the “hype” around the Pilot.

Julia and Jesse do an “on camera” while the BTS cameras document the making of their show. Combining the different formats and  camera angles will help maintain a visceral experience despite the confines of the “parent’s garage”.

Julia performs the “Mario” sketch – a star is born!

Ian prepares to do a game review while Jesse and Julia sword fight in the BG. One of the main things that I picked up on in early discussions with the director was that the execs were tired of the shows looking like “studio” shows and wanted something different. Music to my ears!