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Meanwhile in Stavanger: Inaba’s Skylight Lift

Spent the entire “Santkhans” night at the new concert house in Stavanger while they put the finishing touches on Jeffrey Inaba’s Skylight. Really nice to see the project finally come to rest in its final place. It being built in the space means that it will be there for a very, very long time. The DP rig with the 1DMkIII performed perfectly and I got a sweet tracking shot during dawn as the six ton piece was hand hoisted into position. Well worth the wait.

Bark model shoot

Used the DP rig to fly through a model for Bark Arkitekter. Nice to see the engine running at full speed with the C300 mounted on it upside. Worked like a charm and the perspective we were able to achieve was perfect for showing the model.

The Vatican – London – Satan wk4

After begging for proper locations during Metal Evolution and never getting them (or at least very rarely) Banger has finally understood the value of “the space”. Got to film in this great Georgian home in London – near Spitalfields Market – Jack the Ripper’s neibourhood. Perfect for Arthur Brown and Bruce Dickinson!

Not a very Satanic image but its Rome… Got to interview the Catholic Church’s main Exorcist for the Satan doco. Calling the movie “Theology – a modern history” would be just as accurate but probably not has catchy. The journey continues…

Metal Evolution DVD released 27.03.2012

By releasing this on DVD VH1 have really shown their lack of understanding towards the progression of technology. DVD’s are old technology and few people still bother to collect them. They should have included a Blu-ray alternative for collectors. Why did we bother to film the show in HD when they broadcast it in SD and release it on DVD? Tragic. Get yours here.

Week 3 of “Satan” done

This time it was the UK. Filmed the sunrise at Stonehenge for the Spring Equinox with the Druids and Salisbury Cathedral. Feeling more and more spiritual each trip. Hail Satan! Photo by Dave “PigIron” Pattenden


Finally got around to finishing this piece that I shot with Herakut during the festival of Nuart2011. Love the drips in timelapse. Enjoy!

Motorhead Live in Chile DVD

Reviews of the Motorhead DVD are starting to pop up around the web. This one here is really good:

The terrific multi-angle camera work, especially crucial on the Blu-ray edition really shows the subtle nuances of how in tune the band is with each other after almost twenty years with the same line-up. Editing is another area of this collection that simply bowled me over. From song to song the use of close ups on certain parts or catching an enraptured fan going off really added to the “you are there” vibe.

Metal Army America

Week two of “Satan” done

A crazy week which took me to Toronto, Victoria BC, Vancouver, LA, Phoenix, New York City and back to Toronto – all in one week! But look who I got to meet: Linda Blair! No denying that her work in the Exorcist was incredible. Probably my favourite quote from any movie (rhymes with): “Your mother sells socks that smell!” Heard that dubbed in on a TV broadcast once. Classic!

First shoot with Saft’s new Canon C300

Saft Film has now purchased the new Canon C300. The picture above is a frame from one of the commercial shoots we recently completed with Blå. The camera performed as expected and the images produced are really very beautiful.


Found this post at Maiden’s hof photographer John McMurtrie’s site! Now people can see what I have to go through shooting the “hero” reverse shots- the killer krew will always get you! John writes:

The Banger guys shot it with a lot of additional footage from Andy and Nick who do the professional filming at every show. In all there was about 2o cameras covering the show from all over. I had to attach the shot below of my good friend Martin Hawkes from Banger.  Squid the Maiden sound tech is lighting a cigarette which is sticking out of the back of his trousers.  I have no idea how it got there…honest! Martin is a really great camera guy so this DVD will be incredible –  with or without our help!

When John writes “…he has no idea how it got there…” I suddenly know exactly how it got there. Thanks John!

Tiësto Live @ CES 2012

MH was director of photography for the Tiesto Live at CES 2012 show in Las Vegas. This was the first live broadcast on Twitter. Good times and good people in the Tiesto camp. Thanks to all and a big shout out to Kmac for pulling it together.

Blå with Safety First – end of 2011!

Finished the year with a safety film for Blå – docu-drama style for Aker Solutions. Finn Skoglund directing. I have had a long relationship with Blå so it was nice that we could do this with regards to all the different schedules and also just before Christmas holidays!  Picture by Inge Sigvaldsen

Rush Time Machine tour Live in Cleveland DVD on sale now!

This just came on sale and is currently number one on the charts for USA and Canada and number two in the U.K!

Reviews are looking good too:

The best thing about this particular DVD is the direction. This time Rush put the project in the hands of Toronto filmmakers Sam Dunn and Scott McFadyen, the team behind Beyond the Lighted StageIron Maiden: Flight 666, and Global Metal, among others. They’ve been continually improving with every film they’ve put out (this is their fifth), and their work here is impeccable, wonderfully shot and edited, avoiding the rapid jump-cuts that plague many concert films these days. What makes their involvement so fitting is that they’re as big Rush enthusiasts as anyone, and their nerdy preoccupation with the little things about a Rush show is sure to resonate with fans. Not only do Dunn and McFadyen offer close-ups of the trio at the right times – including hand-held close-ups of Peart, something the taciturn drummer had never allowed before – but they remember to focus on the interaction between the band and their fans as well. When there’s famous Peart drum fill, like midway through “Tom Sawyer”, you don’t see Peart doing it, you see fans in the crowd air-drumming ecstatically to it. It’s a perfect snapshot of Rush’s quirky appeal, and is ultimately what makes this DVD so likeable. Needless to say, Time Machine 2011 is yet another mandatory purchase for Rush fans worldwide.

Dunn and McFadyen, truly amazing… Big shout out to my Norwegian ops: Frank Shortt, Jon Gaute Espevold, Inge Sigvaldsen, Bo Randulff, Jens Ramborg, Kristoffer Archeti and  Petter Holmern Halvorsen. And Canadians Adam Bialo and Tom Tranter  for doing the work! And the Cleveland posse too cause they got some great stuff!  Peace

Check out the trailer here: