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Pilot shoot for DisneyXD

After several discussions with Jesse Shamata about what the show was and what it wasn’t it was great to finally start filming. It was nice to be able to leave cables, cameras and lights in the frame because the kids filming their “show” justified the gear – which also acted as production design elements.

“In My Parents Garage” is the working title but I believe that finding a name will be part of the “hype” around the Pilot.

Julia and Jesse do an “on camera” while the BTS cameras document the making of their show. Combining the different formats and  camera angles will help maintain a visceral experience despite the confines of the “parent’s garage”.

Julia performs the “Mario” sketch – a star is born!

Ian prepares to do a game review while Jesse and Julia sword fight in the BG. One of the main things that I picked up on in early discussions with the director was that the execs were tired of the shows looking like “studio” shows and wanted something different. Music to my ears!

NYC and Hip Hop II

The journey continues. In NYC for another week of interviews and B-roll. Crazy winter storms and the “arctic vortex” kept us from shooting much on the streets but we did shoot the Queens bridge and projects. Got to hang with Ice and Coco at their place in Jersey too. I was last to leave and as I left I said “peace” to Ice to which he replied “love”. Respect!

“Game On” Test shoot

Filmed a technical test for a pilot that I will be doing later this month with Banger Films for DisneyXD. Mixing lots of cameras and formats to help distinguish between which cameras are “theirs” and which are “ours”.

Kids that are playing, critiquing, and developing their own computer game in their parent’s garage. Each week they seek out the help of game designers and other experts in this hybrid scripted/magazine style show.

Jesse Shamata has universal control over the show from the director’s chair.

First Leg of Hip Hop!

Just finished the first leg of the Hip Hop Evolution show. Now I am told that it is not a TV series but 2 feature length documentaries. The first feature taking us up to Hip Hop having spread across the entire US – which really means tons of NYC! Met a lot of stars and some legends but meeting Charles Ahearn was special because he’s the true kindred spirit: photographer, film maker, collector! Respect.

I have been asked not to publish any of my on set stills until the films are being released but this one is none specific with regards to talent but yet represents for me NYC perfection – late afternoon on a front stoop!

Except it being NYC people will stop their cars and shout out shit. People really love to recognize in that town!

Wide Walls, Mallorca

One long weekend in Mallorca with several street artists – it was planned as a “get to know each other” time but we ended up making a small film about the art and artists. Wide Walls are planning more events in the future and we hope to be brought along too! Check out for more info.

Grizzly Cup opening sequence

Banger just dropped the opener for Grizzly Cup that I shot in June. Disney are very happy with the show and depending on feedback after the screening we will know if they pick it up for a season or more. Good times! Jesse Shamata directing the vignette was a real pleasure to work with and I hope to work with him again. Art Director Aaron Smith and his crew were also vital to the production so I hope to bring the team back together again for the eventual shooting of the show. Fingers crossed but I think that Walt would be proud!

Metal Evolution – Extreme Metal Episode

Finally shot the final episode of Metal Evolution. This being the “bonus” episode that the broadcaster deemed too extreme but has now been crowd funded. Norwegian Black Metal, Death, Grindcore, etc… A crazy two week schedule that took me to Oslo, Zurich, Clisson (Hellfest), Bristol, Dublin and Birmingham. Found the above Connor Herrington piece in a back alley in the Templar Bar area of Dublin. Sam and Scot have now been educated!

Grizzly Cup shoot, Muskoka

Had to pleasure of DP’ing the opening vignettes with Jesse Shamata directing and then operated on the show for Disney. Muskoka is a magical place.

Here Art Director Aaron Smith takes a high dive on our last evening at the Grizzly Cup camp. Aaron and his amazing crew did a fantastic job of contributing creatively to each and every shot!!!

Wide Walls, Mallorca

Had the pleasure of being asked to document the beach paint jam during this Easter weekend. Good times!

“In 48 hours we took over Plaza de Espania in Portals Nous. A beautiful quiet bay next to the glamourous bay of Portals. The venue was the original hotel of the bay built in the 50′s it hasn’t weathered the storm of years well.” from

Nuart 2012

Here shooting the making of Sick Boy´s installation in one of the beer halls at Tou.

Check out the film here:


Herakut in Toronto

Received an email the other week from Akut asking me if I would find a legal wall to paint in Toronto. Secured this beauty in Toronto´s east end – just next door to the iZone! Epic